Cake Tease

Stay wild. Or get back to the wild.

What I love about baking is the precision and the experimentation. The science of it and the art. I write during the day about technology and oddly, sometimes, oil. The sentences are precise, the purpose specific and narrow. When I write for myself (and initially, like many writers, all of my writing was for myself) the language, the cadence, the diction, the, the, the is much rowdier.

Cakes of Abstraction

Long absence on the part of Poppycakes. To talk about why is to talk about the audience for any creative act in which one engages. A cake has a community implicit in its abundance. And my cakes have been fortunate feeders of more than one set of masses. But there is always the favorite recipient, the person that a good cake is made to please.

Zucchini and Carrot Cake

Sweetcakes here, back from a not-by choice long break of baking, blogging, and general enjoyment of summer. Yesterday, I found myself at the hands of a sale at Sur La Table, and treated myself to this apron. That, a zucchini from a friend's garden and some Scharffen Berger chocolate bits in my cupboard inspired me...

Old Post to Update

Poppycakes made a cake for Easter and now, eyeball-deep into summer, it's only fitting she serve it up. The cake was a pineapple-confetti cake, extra vanilla pudding and a fragrance, enhanced by a dash of orange blossom water to the filling that was meant to resurrect one's every sense.

O! Cheesecake

Several weeks ago, I asked the chef of the house for requests. For Father’s Day, then, I made cheesecake. A child of the house even tried it, a first. And even though he was bribed into doing so, he did finish off his small piece, so I consider that a coup. This cake has a thick layer of cream cheesy goodness and sour cream baked in toward the end of the process. The crust is made of ginger/graham cracker/butter and more butter. For extra flavor, I added almonds to the top of the crust prior to baking it.

If I Die a One-Cake Wonder, This is THE One: Banana Mascarpone Cake

I’ve used this recipe for several years, and this is the cake my friends and family request of me repeatedly. The combination of the light banana layers and the sweet mascarpone frosting is the right amount of sweet and sweeter. Not too rich, and because there’s fruit in it, it has no calories. Right?