O! Cheesecake

Several weeks ago, I asked the chef of the house for requests. For Father’s Day, then, I made cheesecake.
A child of the house even tried it, a first. And even though he was bribed into doing so, he did finish off his small piece, so I consider that a coup.
This cake has a thick layer of cream cheesy goodness and sour cream baked in toward the end of the process. The crust is made of ginger/graham cracker/butter and more butter. For extra flavor, I added almonds to the top of the crust prior to baking it.
The fruit topping, which, as you know, renders any cake calorie-free, was made with two pints of blackberries with a bit of lemon juice and sugar.
This is a rich, rich cheesecake, so a small piece is more than enough to be satisfying. It tasted good with a hearty cup of coffee on Father’s Day, and even better the next night. One co-worker even mentioned that she wanted to roll in it. That’s a good sign.
Recipe: Vanilla Cheesecake, Real Simple Magazine