Ooohed and aaahed at this display, and walked around with six-inch cake pans and a six-inch cake plate, then moved along, put them back. 

I don't need to go back to that Martha recipe and fix it. That disaster is done. Instead, from some other days, here are some other cakes. And a pie.

This is a caramelized pear upside-down cake I've made a few times. It's fairly easy to make (the caramel can be a little tricky and takes more time than you think it will). It's quite tasty. Recipe: Fine Cooking



This is a white chocolate lemon cake from a cookbook I received as a gift, and which I served at a holiday party last year. It was delicious, but challenging - so much so I dubbed it the "Complicake."




And here's a blueberry pie - the first pie I ever made from scratch. Enjoy.