On Friendship, Collaboration and Some Serious Celebration!



Here is the post where I lie or admit to a lie. You see, Mr. Poppycakes and I are not officially Mr. and Mrs. Poppycakes and until Saturday, we were not officially planning to be. But we are now and I am thrilled to be engaged, to have the whole lacy, cakey, sparkley nine yards of planning ahead of me. And I recall from the long-ago wedding of the Sweetcakes how long it's been that I have known the Sweetcakes and how much we've grown up together along the way.

As I am planning my big day, I am reminded to keep it classy and keep it real by how elegantly Lady Sweetcakes managed her event. Far before the days of pinterest or really any internet shortcut-making assistance, Sweetcakes knew that things could be simple and stunning and that friends coming together to do what they could do, would make for a more meaningful day. Because I work at an arts college, I have had no fewer than four students come forward and offer their photography skills. I am going to take them all up on the offers. I would rather give them my money and my special days than I would someone longer at the business of professional wedding photography. Besides, I have seen what they do and they are wonderful. But my day will be all the more special for them. That is a Sweetcakes lesson. Her wedding, just like her friendship has taught me much over the years, not the least of which is how to be a good friend, a whole and complete friend, one who advocates for her friend and shares that kind of friendship with others.  It is as if somewhere way back in our wee undergraduate years, we decided that life was a collaborative project and all the richer for the links and connections and lessons learned in one gathering and shared generously at another. A kind of dazzling re-gifting, if you will. 

Sweetcakes and her friend, Abbycakes recently attended a writers' conference and here, Cindycakes and I have done a collaborative project and interview. Though Sweetcakes and I have been one another's first go-to for all of the very important business of our writing lives, we have never had to hide our other projects or activities, because we each understand that more is more when it comes to creating as well as friendship, and love. I learned how to be a better friend and writer and soon, wife, from the cool-headed warmth of having Sweetcakes as my partner in crime. And yesterday when I realized that my wedding-proper would be back in Utah, state that grew a Sweet and a Poppy cake and state that housed most of my favorite memories with her, I felt lucky to be able to have her be a part of such an incredible day. And you, Tasters, I count on you to accompany me to the cake samplings to help me find a way to have that Italian Meringue icing and glide my fingers through it, too. 

I toast to each and every partnership this sweet!