Which, just now, seems like a thing that we could believe in but may not exist. I think we need to remedy that.

Unlucky is the poetic asides theme of the day, but we'll stock you up on several courses meant for the lucky

Here are a few food and kitchen superstitions to keep us on track in the invention of the much-needed Superstition Cake Recipe. 


Superstition Cake (or Devil's Got my Hips) 

I am thinking Bundt Cake, for the wishing well in the center of it, for the icing-free possibilities. 

Begin with a good devil's food box mix (you know I don't snub this shortcut).

add one full can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix, just pumpkin) 

Choose your favorite spices--you know I love the cardamon, but you can add a little chili powder for some kick or just some nice cinnamon--the good stuff--go Penzy's or go home.  Mix them in to taste. 

If you made your New Year's lucky St. Basil cake, (Vasilopita) or if you're due to make one, grab an extra lucky coin to bake into this cake. 

I think that thirteen almonds, thirteen pistachios, thirteen dried cherries should be drizzled with darkest chocolate and saved for the topping. Dust the top with Dutch hot cocoa and scatter the mix on top. 

The cake will be relatively lowfat, high fiber and loaded with good fat, protein and the luck that good health relies upon. (Unless you choke on that coin.)