Hey tasters, like some of you, Sweetly Disturbed is celebrating Poetry Month during April. We’re also celebrating our relaunch as Sweetly Disturbed, which you may have read in a slightly different variation over at our Cake Tease blog on blogspot.

In itself, this launch is a life event, in that our blog is meant to celebrate all that is sweet in life, and find that in the every day. Poetry, too celebrates the every very moment.

Here at Sweetly Disturbed, we ache to capture the living vivid, joie de vivre, carpe diem, just do it-ness in the moment you open the oven, and the steam of a perfectly cooked (or perfectly ruined) cake fills the room; the way, when you close the page (or shut the monitor screen) of the latest read, how it hurts just a little bit; how and where our own, other writing, takes us; and lately, a tad about how the garden grows or our houses change.

Anyway, thank you for joining our life event. We’d like you to stick around, comment, share us with your friends, let us be a tiny part of your life events, too. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our monthly drawing – this month, a pair of twee salt and pepper shakers and a copy of This I Believe: On Motherhood, which features and essay by Sweetcakes.

And before it goes the way of a news cycle, we must celebrate this life event:

Poppycakes, AKA the professor half of Sweetly Disturbed, has been honored by her school. Congrats on the well-deserved accolades, my dear friend.

And of course, because it is poetry month, I'll send you off to a little Langston Hughes and "April Rain Song."

Today’s Poetic Asides poem prompt: Write a poem about a life event