The Trouble is There’s Too Much

There are so many new things I want to bake, that sometimes I get overwhelmed. There’s lemony butter cake, blackberry pie bars, double dark chocolate shortbread cookies, and the pots de creme recipe from a date night cooking class at Sur La Table.

There are baking feats I’ve yet to conquer, like souffle, and croquembouche, and anything fondant.

And then, the things I’ve made before, that I can make for friends and family get togethers, but that I’ve already shared with you, some of my favorite tasters out in the ether.

For certain, it’s the same with reading. New ones: The Night Circus. When Women Were Birds.

So, so many already-reads that I’d love to read again for the first time. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. Anything from Grace Paley. Refuge.

And since it’s Friday night, not a lick of that is going to happen. I am sipping an end-of-the-week martini, watching a movie, and chatting with Mr. Sweetcakes.

I wish as nice a weekend to you, too, my friends.