National Poetry Month being the big deal is it around here, we're working hard to find ways to use the prompts meant to inspire poems, to inspire posts. Today's was to write a poem about rejection. 

The philosophical bent of the Ms. Cakes, is a little like this librarian-writer-blogger's method of dealing with rejection slips from literary magazines: she posts a rejection recipe, in this case, a mint-chocolate crinkle cookie I have been meaning to make anyway.  

And this poem that only David Lehman could have penned, call The Rejection Slip.

Because it is Easter and because I keep meaning to post this great Easter basket of a blog: They Draw and Cook. Today's plastic eggs of treasure include some Easter bunny cupcakes, Dial-a-Dinner, contests, places to find a recipe or submit one, buy fonts and more.  And for my dear Ms. Sweetcakes, the companion blog: They Draw and Travel. For the artist/cook/gypsies of us, it's a daily Easter basket.