Ceiling Fan or Spinning Daisy in the Fingers of Angels?


Because I want to share a minor refurbishing with you, but as it's May, we need to keep some flowers nearby.

Our house has this tendency to hate the baroque. The previous owners must have loved it. Consequently, certain rooms have ornate touches that mess with what we think are the sexy, clean lines of the midcenturymodernatomicranch.  Here's the before ceiling fan:

Only, since Poppycakes forgot to do a before shot, you get the kitchen's ceiling fan pic (above) for the blades (note how they are textured and the globe is fussy and the whole thing is a bit heavy on detail)  The before globe is pictured here:  

In honor of the caketease blog and all things sweetly-disturbed, I sprung for Krylon spray paint, in what else? Buttercream.  

And Mr. Poppycakes handed over the blades for my professional painting studio's rare brand of magic:


 We found the simplest globes that we could at Home Depot and viola!

Check out the finished product: