It's mostly better to be always right

One of the great wins at Chez Sweetcakes is in being right. After more than twenty years of living in the same house, right still feels good.

We had early case of needing to be right over the lyrics to the song Poppycakes mentioned in her last post – "Our House" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. This many years later, I have no idea what the issue was, but I remember I was right. I remember being bummed that our wedding band wasn’t able to play the song at our wedding. I wanted to live a little in the being right. To dance to it.

One of the best concessions to make in our house is “You were right.” The smallest of questions become the nicest of daily victories over those three words. Last night Mr. Sweetcakes was right that he could throw the tennis ball for Angus the Boston Terror and not hit the wall, but get it right through the small crack of open the door was. Even after I suggested he not try it. He was happy to be right, but happier that I told him he was right.

Why, after twenty something years, is right such good validation?

It’s one of the small miracles that make a union work. There are others. Every day I’m awed at the couples who figure it out. Figuring it out for the long haul requires something very deep-- requires that you do your best every day, and try to hold with care the heart that's been placed in your hands. Every day. It also takes the simplest of decisions. This person is home to me. This is right.

In our house, the mister does most of the cooking. Because he works from home and because of our schedules, he takes the daily grind of weeknight dinner most of the time. Last night, he made a simple stir fry, one of the few meals  that we all agree on that doesn’t involve some version of bread or pasta plus cheese. After my very long day, which started in front of a set of presentation slides around 4:30 a.m., and this disruptive sleep pattern I've been in all week, the stir fry was just right, too.

So mister does most of the cooking, and tasters, you know that I get to take on the baking. The fun part. I haven’t had the time to bake for a few weeks, but will be glad to make some time this weekend. Something chocolate. With a little kick, a little unexpected addition, one that gets it right.