You can’t focus on all of your children at the same time.


If discipline, in 2013, is several of my children, this week, I paid attention only to the poem child. I gave healthy eating child no love. I spent little time with exercise. Good habit only showed up to mother the words.

That being said, I enjoyed a five-day weekend that included much writing and some spending time with friend-ing. My plan was to write  three poems Thursday, three Friday, then spend the rest of the weekend on a ski/snoeshoe extravaganza with Mr. Sweetcakes awesome high school gang.

Reality: the total, six poems, happened as of ten minutes ago. One and a half poems happened on Thursday, three on Friday, a half on Saturday, and one more today.  I wish I had a month and a half’s worth of those days straight away. I’ll settle for constant progress. And I had a lovely weekend on the mountain.

And I’ll get back to working out and eating right…Tuesday.