Come on Friday, Light my Fire


The children's book in which I star: Poppycakes Goes on a Diet, leaves some more momentum to be desired. I lost no weight, worked-out too lightly, twice, thrice if you count today when I will shut this page down and force myself to go to the gym. 

But the live-it, it goes so nicely. I am trying to finish my Ghost-tree poem, an ode to the inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch with an ode inside it  for the Forest Remnants  art show of one of my colleagues. Termite to metal shavings so much gets written in the oddest hands. So much shaken-away. 

I treated myself to the delicious little congratulations gift for the great book news of this week and bought a little sparrow's egg necklace off of my etsy favorites (I had been wanting it for so long.)

So the Friday tally ends like this: Weight lost-nil, work-outs-2, self-loathing-none. 

All in all, I am ahead which leaves more energy for next week.

In celebration and big congratulations, I leave you with my esteemed friend and colleage Ms. Lesley-cakes, whose latest collection: (W)hol(l)y Island, will soon be published by the gorgeous, careful Gold Wake Press. (Also, I must say that they are wise, for they are also publishing the incredible Hannah Stephenson.)  So much to celebrate and I will do so in running shoes.