Leaning In


A moody Sunday sky here and I am sitting in Panerra grading and planning for National Poetry Month. I being Poppycakes, April being tomorrow.

This year, in addition to tracking my daily writing in my personal blog, I plan to keep up here, too. I have a plan to work on a poem called Glass Frog, that each day adds a stanza from a prompt by Robert Lee Brewer over at Poetic Asides

In other news: I measured myself and ordered my wedding gown. In some strange defiance of my own spirit at my own spirit, I promptly began to eat less and this week finds me four pounds down. This is a start, not enough to make the measurements less accurate, but with luck, I will be forced to take that gown in before all is said and done here. 

This will be a sweetly disturbing month of verse, so I will keep today's post short. I want to urge you to stock up on poetry this month, visit poetry sites online. Find a reading. Write a poem or memorize one. 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to give a reading and the venue in which I read was so amazing that I hearken all book lovers to keep it on their rader, particularly should they find themselves in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Black Swan Books is  the kind of bookstore that book-fiends dream of: high ceilings, tall shelves filled with books and a poetry section that shows a love and commitment to poetry, not just a symbolic gesture. The windows, the rugs, the lighting, the fabulous blooming chrysanthemums of the vintage wallpaper in (even) the elegant bathroom, made me happy to have made the drive.  A bonus: gracious and talented Ada Limon wrote an introduction that was more of a poem and was kind enough to allow me to use it for a blurb for the very-needing-of-blurbs second book of mine: The Rub. It's Spring and moreso than most seasons, here, everything, Tasters, sometimes just falls into place.