Poetry Month is Newly Arrived

April is newly arrived, as is today’s rain, as is Poetry Month, as is some interesting new projects to tackle at work, as are my new tennis shoes in shocking pink and black (pair one) and red and white and blue all over (pair two).

Also, as are a couple of new ideas for poems, which is very good, since I’m trying to write three poems a week. Did not achieve that this past weekend, due to the garden needing attention. I’d like to think I’ll write one or two throughout the week after work, but I find my creative energy absorbed into the daylight hours, and evenings are for working out, finding dinner, and trying to keep the house from escaping into chaos. Such are the domestic bits of my workaweek.

And…there’s southern utah-ing on the horizon. Hikes, and bike trails, and playing in the dirt, and watching the brilliant sunsets, and then, the brilliant stars. That kind of day feels newly arrived, no matter how many times I’ve played it out before. A girl could live like that for all of her days.

Happy poem-ing to you, Tasters. What will you write during Poetry Month?

We're following the 2013 April Poem a Day Challenge from Robert Brewer on Writer's Digest. Do join us. And,even better, share your poems.