Days Two and Three of Daily Poeming



Poppycakes  playing a little catch-up here. On Tuesdays, Poetic Asides runs a two-for prompt. I will likely be treating it as one stanza with a turn to it. At least that was this time's plan. Day two's prompts were to write a  light poem and a dark poem. Day three was the tentative poem. Here are each of those as they gather in the glass frog poem. 


What It must be to filter light,

feel the trail it follows inside,

like intuition only warmer,

the knowing a glowing

such a little form

but standing, window

to the side, a lantern

and a teaspoon of starlight

how nightfall must fall

soft as cinder, the day

coating as slowly as dust

gathered on a piano.  



Slowly, slowly the body

opens, a thorn’s puncture

here, the water glass tumbles

and a clear tooth opens

a scarlet throat in the sole

of the foot, or a possum

halfway across a highway

scripted now in elaborate entrails.

We are drawn and repelled

by what spells us out in organed-

particulars, taking the view in

a little at a time. The glass frog

belies such patience, giving us

what we want, never want

from what we love: to see

the musicbox-machinery

that runs those wistful singings.