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Everything must go

Kathrine WrightComment

Clutter is the enemy of good writing. If I'm sitting at my desk and there's a pile of anything, I worry-stone it. It cracks at my ability to set free and wild; to hear my characters explain I'm taking them down the wrong path, that in fact, this twist is their destiny; to write with clarity and depth. 

And I'm over...stuff. These fleeting years require more experiencing, less owning. More traveling light. More easy in the mountains, to bastardize a Bob Shacochis title.

Here's what I've been shedding. (Readers and lovers of physical books may sigh)

  1. Books. I've been a lover and collector for my entire adult life. But the truth is, most of these books I will never read again. What stays? Only the ones that I would read again and again, that have shaped me or I expect will shape me as a writer, that bring me joy just knowing they're on my shelf. I've donated many, and sold a few to Powell's and sellyourbooks.com. Both places are great options to ensure the books keep circulating, and to support the buying of select new books.
  2. Clothes. I'm trying, trying, trying to get down to 30 staple items per season. (That doesn't count workout clothes, pajamas, or accessories. I KNOW. I'm working on it.) Trying, trying, trying to make sure that new purchases serve a specific purpose, fill a gap, rather than buying something because it's cute. I'm also planning a big trip later this spring and I'll be traveling with carry-on only. With room. It's happening.
  3. Miscellany. Random things taking up space in my small space. Extra curling irons. Old papers. Extra cords. Obscure kitchen gadgets.
  4. Costume jewelry. Bracelets and rings that don't match the me I've become. Single earrings. Anything in disrepair that I've never been willing to untangle, rewire, bend, or upcycle.
  5. Craft supplies I'll never use. Okay wait, let's not get crazy here. I hold tight to the dream of making things. I'm from Utah, after all, crafting is heritage.

What are you freeing yourself of?