Six layers? I think no.

The minute I poured the cake into the baking pans, it didn’t seem like it would end well.

Martha’s recipe called for six layers (three cakes cut in two), and I could tell by how little batter I had to divide between the three pans that that wasn’t happening. Plus, I had promised a spare layer to the kids, since they’re no fans of coconut.
And the cakes seemed a little too short, and a little too done when they came out of the oven.  I considered stopping right there and calling it a night.
But then I cooked up the custard filling. 
Oh, divine.
I slathered and stacked the layers, then put the cake in the fridge to set.  And rather than making the frosting, I went to bed. 
I can’t imagine doing any complicated sweet-making on a blustery long workaday Monday, so when I got home, I frosted the cake with premix. Sorry, Martha. I like tough recipes, but not tonight. Good thing the flaked coconut helped with the aesthetics.
I have to say, with Martha's recipes, you have to read closely. This one called for three six-inch cake pans. Who knew they even came in that size? I used nine-inch pans. Even though my cake ended up being three layers, it looked snowy beautiful. A good thing, since it’s supposed to snow tonight.
This cake? It’s sweet, like coconut custard pie. It’s better than I thought it would be given the troubled start. I think I like it just fine.  I don’t think I’ll make it again, though. No fans of it on the home front.
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