Tell me about your coffee cake

At the request of the chef of the house, I made coffee cake recently. I found and lost the recipe online, something I have to stop doing – the losing part, anyway.

The cake had grated lemon peel, and lemon juice, and crumbly yumminess, just like a good coffee cake should.
And I baked it in my killer bundt, pan, and otherwise followed the instructions to the letter. Except the part about baking it in a 9"X9" cake pan, wherein, when baked, the cake and its crumble can be positioned crumble up on a plate. Not so with a bundt pan. Crumble to the bottom is what we had. Lesson for the ages, I s’pose.
The flavor was good, the crumble, also quite good. But not the coffee cake of your dreams.
Share me your recipe?