For all of the astronomy that litters my poems, I have yet to write a science fiction poem. For the paint-spatter of magical realism in my fiction, and some of my nonfiction, I don’t really write fantasy. I hold nothing against either genre, they’re just not in my bag of tricks.

Mr. Sweetcakes could pull off an amazing something of a science fiction story, so I’ll let him continue to be the science fiction writer in house.

Is there a category for beautiful and stupifyingly complex word hijinx? That’s the category I aim for – notice I did not say belong in. I know  James Joyce resides in his own category, that Carole Maso’s lyrical loveliness is all her own.

Is there a category for the complete and soul-smushing ache that Amy Bloom creates with her characters? Or the funny, terrible narratives that Melville delivered?

Some combination of that is my aim.

For baking, it’s similar, though I have fewer chef-models to share to show you what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s the balance between simple, sustaining foods with easy recipes – like a good almond or ginger biscotti to go with the morning coffee, and totally out-of-my-league, ever more difficult recipes. Or at least ones that seem that way. Macarons. Croquembouche. Pretty fondant things.

For example, I want to take this Taza Chocolate and recreate its flavor in a dense, flourless cake.

For various reasons, I am a mix of comfort and ambition that often works together well, sometimes not so much. I’m my own mixed genre.

Today’s Poetic Asides prompt: write science fiction poem/write a fantasy poem