Book-Looking, or What We Have in Common

I try not to be a collector, although my office is the best sort of cozy, my it's-mine-and-only-mine space at Chez Sweetcakes, where my things sit en masse. Of everything I own, my books are most beloved. I wouldn't grab them in case of fire, for that, I have my laptop (where the books-I'm-writing-in-progress and the digital photos of my lovelies live), and my hiking boots. (My purse and phone are in the same room with me at all times, in case I have to run from Zombies.)


This is where I read. I love that I'm surrounded by the bookshelves when I sit in this chair. It's velvet, very modern, with a matching ottoman. The shelf on the left holds recent acquisitions, as well as a mix of fiction and poetry. The bookshelf on the right holds reference books, how-to-write books, and there's also a shelf of magazines and anthologies that house my work, and/or that of my friends'. And old journals.

Same shelf. The doublestacking has begun. Most of the books at the top of the bookshelf are ones that I have yet to read. The funky bungalow has no more room for books, so I'm treading lightly lately on purchases. Buying some in e-book form is helping, although I still love to have a hardcover novel to hold.


This bookshelf if primarily fiction, with a few cookbooks and travel books on the bottom shelf. Plus my favorite hat. Plus some stars and cherubs. And a yoga video or two.

Love this idea - courtesy of the ladies at Sundress Publications.  Now share - show us your bookshelves, Tasters.