Like a Dandelion in the Wind

I'm fairly certain that I live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. The mountains, the hiking, the camping, the skiing, the terrifyingly lovely red desert. It calls to me. It sustains me. It is me.

But a girl likes to wander. Take on new places. Northern California is one place I'd like to try. I'm here for a business trip, and have no time to wander about, but I've long been drawn to the Bay area, since my dear friends moved to Sonoma Country in the late eighties. I think I'm past my prime time for living in New York (I'm also past prime time for trying roller blading, but that's another blog post). But Paris will call to me all of my life. I'd like to live there for a year or two, too.

And Portland. Of course, Spain. And New Zealand. And.